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Size does matter........but so does weight!

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The recent shift towards big watches has posed an interesting question. How heavy will these watches feel on my wrist? For people who like the idea of a big watch with the opportunity for colour, uniqueness and quality this can be a real dilemma. Whilst every quality watch has a unique feel, the balance between size and weight becomes vital.

At 3H Italia UK, we have been selling big watches exclusively on line for almost three years. We wanted to get to the bottom of the question and therefore researched the situation thoroughly. Our findings are very interesting.

The table below shows and compares major brands with our own 3H Watches

Rolex 46 158.8 Steel
Omega 46 172.7 Steel
Tag Heuer 46 110.2 Steel
3H Italia UK 44 123.1 Steel
3H Italia UK 46 110.7 Steel
3H Italia UK 52 180.8 Steel
3H Italia UK 52 114.2 Titanium

As you can clearly see a big watch is more likely to be heavier but not by much. This can often add to the watches appeal. In fact, our best sellers have been the 52mm Oceandiver Steel range in a variety of colours.

However, if size and weight matter then the introduction of lighter, stronger metals can dramatically reduce the weight of a 52mm divers watch by 14% so you can enjoy the benefits of a big watch without compromising the feel. Titanium is the metal of choice by 3H Italia UK. It still allows watches of high quality and larger size to be designed but these can often be the same or lower in weight than the more recognised brands.

52mm Oceandiver Titanium £299.00

So if you are the sort of watch lover where size does matter then take a look at our range of big watches and choose the weight that works for you.

Exclusively on line at www.3hitalia.co.uk 2 straps and free delivery within the UK. Competitive delivery charges for worldwide delivery.

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