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What watch size should I buy?

Have you ever wondered what is the right size watch for you? We realise that our watches are quite large but let us take the mystery out of it for you.

We sell watches in 38mm, 44mm, 46mm, 52mm sizes. This is the diameter of the watch measured from one side of the bezel to the other.

Typical watch diameters for some of the most recognised makes are:

Watch StyleDiameter
Men's Rolex 40mm
Men's Tag Heur 42mm
Toy Watch 40mm
Men's TW Steel 45mm
Ladies TW Steel 44mm
Ladies Omega 28mm

So the size of our watches, with the exception of our oversized 52mm which is so unique, are very comparable.

Some examples of our watches on our famous wrists are:



Jonathon Walters in a 52mm Black Hole Watch



Andy Tennant in a 52mm Deep Pro Watch



Emma Spencer in a 38mm Oceandiver



Isa Guha in a 38mm Oceandiver



Sophie Hellyer in a 44mm Oceandiver


So don't be afraid. Wear the size of watch to suit you and your chosen style!